First post

When I started teaching, my cooperating teacher (the person you student teacher under) said to me ” you will never have another “first day of teaching”, you will start new school years but this is your first and only “first day.”

I remember the weight of that comment at the time. This fall I will start my 11th school year as a teacher so we are way past that “first day” but this post is like that first day. Once I publish it, I will never have another “first post.”  The pressure of that is enormous and yet so is the excitement.  As I remember back to that day, I think about all that I have gone through since then and if the same happens with this blog, why should I even start? It is scary. Starting something is exciting and frightening. What if I fail? What if no one reads it? But then this voice in the back of my head says  but what if I do succeed? What if lots of people read it? What if it helps people? What if you never try?

And then I remember why I HAVE to push the publish button. We live ONE TIME.  So as I hit that publish button, I am swallowing all my fear and going after it. Going after life!   Tiny question for all of you today: which of your “firsts” are most memorable?



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