Why you should always take your cell phone to the bathroom

So today I went to lunch with a friend. We are both teachers and have just recently come out of our “summer hiding”. Its an interesting phenomenon among teachers. When that last bell rings and grades are turned in, a lot of us hiberate. We dont have kids so we are free to sleep in, eat when we want, use the restroom when we want, and generally enjoy ourselves.  It takes about a week for us to want to see or talk to other people again. We spend our school days catering to the whims of 150 teenagers. You might think that they arent as needy as younger children but we would beg to differ.  They all want attention no matter what the age. And high schoolers have these really fun attitudes that get thrown on top of the neediness so that makes it even more fun! We love our job but we were ready for a break! So today we met (it has been about a week since the end of school) and we had catching up to do. In the midst of all this, my friend used the restroom. It had been a little while so I jumped on Facebook on my smartphone.  All of the sudden it rang and she was calling me from the bathroom. She was locked in! Both of us had big belly laughs as two employees took the doorknob off the door to get her out. It felt so good to laugh at the absurdity of the whole thing.


Tiny thought for the day

When was the last time you had a big belly laugh? And if it has been a while, then figure out why your life isnt funny. Are you working too hard? Are you stressed out? Maybe all you need is a giant laugh to remeber that things will get better and life is pretty funny sometimes.