The elusive white shirt that I NEED

So I just got a catalog in the mail, looked through it and thought “I need this white shirt” ok. Stop for  minute. Obviously I dont NEED a white shirt. The only reason I would NEED one is if it was required for work, or a uniform, or a wedding, or a ceremony of some sort where a white top was the only acceptable color. I am kind of pale and dishwater blonde so white doesnt even look that good on me. (I even wore cream to my wedding) yet, for some reason, I have been telling myself that I need a white shirt and white cardigan. Well I just bought the cardigan and I regret it. What is my problem? Why does my brain think that I NEED these things like I need water and air and food? I look better in brighter colors so what is going on? Could it be all the wardrobe capsules I see on Pinterest? Or the fact that every website of “essential wardrobe items”says I must have a crisp white shirt and a versatile white shirt? It kind of makes me wonder what else I have bought in my life that I NEEDED. I’m not a frivouos spender…I am actually quite frugal compared to my family members.  Because I am a teacher, one project I want to tackle this summer is to put together all my clothes into different outfits and catalog them so that I know what goes with each other, all the way down to the jewelry and shoes! Then I am going to ebay or give away the rest.  Now I just saw another capsule and have been looking for gray skirts and gray boots! Agh! Soooooo not the point of a capsule wardrobe I dont think. I think I should instead look at what I have and see what I can make from that.


Tiny thought today: So what have you NEEDED? And why do you think that is? What is driving your “need”?