Baby shower rules-a list you wont find on Pinterest

1. Dont talk to me while she is opening gifts. I understand that she already opened yours but she hasnt opened mine yet…so be quiet and smile.

2. I dont need a full meal. Cake and a beverage is fine.

3. I dont need games.  Guessing which candy bar is in the “poopy diaper”? Really? I have a masters degree.

4. Dont make judgements about the presents that other people bought for the expectant mother. They were gracious and brought gifts. So be quiet and smile.

5. Turn on the air conditioning in your house. When guests have sweat rolling down their faces, then your house is too hot. Putting a lot of people in a room always makes it hotter. 

6. Do smile and try to get along with everyone. Its only a few hours of your life. 

7. Do read all of the names on the cards/ books that people brought you.

8. Dont make the pregnant woman pick up the presents from the floor. Hand them to her.

9. Dont forget the expectant mom also has a mom. Her baby is having a baby. Dont make her do anything.  Just let her enjoy this special and rare time.

10.  Do thank the hostess as you leave. She did her best and soon the new baby will come and people will forget all about the shower.