The desire of a boutique lifestyle

Why do we buy things? What is our purpose behind our purchases? Popularity? Status? Feeling better about ourselves? Novelty? Trying to create a certain type of life. Have you ever been to a unique shop that sells cute soaps and plates and such? I always want to live the life that  those unique shops portray. I want my life to be a series of boutiques and fancy soaps and cheese plates and cute earrings and candles. I buy clothes because I want to look better. Candles and soaps to smell better. Fun food to eat better. Housing decor to make the house look better. Technology to be connected better. A new car to look better. Is it because it all comes back to the essential human question of not being good enough? So what will happen when I stop buying things? Will I  be “less better”? ( I know this is improper grammar. I’m making a point. ) Will I be uglier? Stinkier? Not as cool or popular? I want to be a better cook, wife, teacher, writer. Why do think I need things to make me this way. Is all that we need to be a better person, within us already? 

I purchase things to make my life better when in reality I’ m starting to think that things make life worse.