Wine tasting

Sometimes I forget how great it is to get together with a group of girls, not talk about work, and just enjoy life. That happened last night. I hosted a wine tasting/ book club. Some of us like to read and others dont so we only discuss the book briefly before drinking and eating 😉 Everyone brought a dish to pass and a bottle of wine. I provided cheeses, bread and about 4 or 5 wines (I have a lot that I have bought over the years) and we just enjoyed life. When I lived in Paris, I learned a very valuable skill from the French people-they LIVE. We plan and organize and stress and diet and plan some more and work and work and work for a retirement or possessions or a bigger house or whatever. The French also work hard but they enjoy the journey. I wish we could do that more. Enjoy the journey and the life that is experienced during the journey. I am challenging myself (and you) to behave a tad more French. LIVE. Live and enjoy the moments. Dont rush past them trying to get to the next event.