Trying to figure out vacation

Why is it stressful to plan a vacation? There is so much to think about.

1. Budget. Are we spending a lot, a little, a medium amount? 

2. Where are we headed? Are we driving? Flying? 

3. How long will we be gone?

4. What will we do when we are there? 

5. Who will take care of the pets?

6. What will we pack-food and clothing? 

7. Touristy vs simple country?

So my husband and I have been trying to answer these questions for our last vacation of the summer. You would think that since we are teachers and childless, it would be easy. Au contraire. We are making it harder than it has to be but a vacation is such precious time and neither of us want to make a “wrong” choice. We want maximum enjoyment and minimal stress.  Right now we are piecing together the following :

Budget: 500-1000 for everything

Where: Muskegon, Curtis, Paradise, Mackinaw then Traverse City on the way home (all in northern Michigan)

Length: 5-6days

Activities include visiting Pictured Rocks National Park, renting a pontoon boat for a day, a couple rounds of golf, and maybe a hike.

Pets: my mom

Packing : items for S’mores, warm clothes, lots of bug spray

It will be a quiet and simple vacation. We will also be celebrating our 4th wedding Anniversary. We wanted something special for that night so we rented a cabin that overlooks the Mackinaw bridge. Now if we could just guarantee no rain!