What causes excess in our lives? Do we buy extra stuff to be prepared? Do we buy it out of fear of running out? During this quasi no spend challenge I have been doing, I have been examining the things I use and questioning them. Right now I am doing laundry (fun I know!). As I open my cupboard for detergent and dryer sheets, I notice 3 of each. Why? Well, one detergent was bought on sale. One was bought because I liked the scent and one was bought to wash practice jerseys from my husband’s basketball team. All are about half full. That is silly. We should use up before we buy more. If I wanted a new scent, I should have used up the old one THEN bought the new one. I dont forsee myself having a “laundry emergency” if I was to run out of detergent completely. I live .5 miles from a convenience store that carries some. So I challenge you to look at the items in your house which are in excess. Would your life be different if you used everything up before buying new? Would it save you money? Would it save you from having to “declutter”? I am currently experimenting with laundry detergent and body wash.  I definitely WANT to go buy a new scent but maybe by waiting, I will appreciate the new one even more when it comes time to buy it (which is not right now)! Wish me luck!