Why everyone should have a massage

My husband bought me a package of four massages for Christmas.  I have just used the third one. For those of you who have never had a massage, let me tell you…get one! It offers multiple benefits. 

1. It is forced relaxation. You are in a room with no technology, no family, no work. Just a masseuse who is fine to be quiet if you ask him/her to. (My first masseuse was too talkative and pressed too hard)  If you can quiet your brain, you can easily relax or even take a much needed nap.

2. It forces you to think about your body. At the start of a massage, the masseuse will ask you if anything has been bothering you lately. Today I paused and realized that, yes, my legs have been a bit stiff, so she spent extra time on them. Last time my back had been hurting. 

3. It forces you to pamper yourself. So many of us are crazy busy. It is difficult to take time for yourself. Some people “workout” to pamper themselves or take a bath or read. But all of those activities can be interupted by kids, schedules, work, guilt or any number of other excuses. But s massage requires an appointment. Most people will not interfere if you say that you have an appointment to attend to. 

4. It is an inexpensive way to take care of yourself. My massage costs 45.00 plus tip. (It is not at a spa but instead at a muscle therapy and acupuncture place). 45.00 is not much to relieve stress, work the knots out and take time for yourself. It is much healthier than a lavish meal out or drinking.