So I used to love walking. Ever since I broke my ankle, I dont love it as much. I dont know why. I did break my ankle on a walk so maybe that has something to do with it? I am also over weight and out of shape. These might also be contributing factors. Why is it so hard to get moving? 


Today I attended the most wonderful thing. A memorial for a friend’s brother. He passed away in December and was cremated immediately. Because he loved the lake that we live on, his family decided against a funeral and instead held a memorial in the summer at the lake. Three of his best friends spoke and there were drinks and hors d’oeuvres. His family will spread his ashes in the lake later today. I have never thought much about my own death. It is a topic that most people avoid. But today I realized something. I want what he had. I want people to gather and eat and chat and laugh and cry and remember. I dont need a church and a visitation. Shouldnt we all have our last wish? This would be mine. I hope that I may leave this world and be remembered in the same way that my friend’s brother was. It was beautiful. We should all be so lucky.

A week after the no spend challenge…

I am amazed at the lasting effects of my two week no spend challenge. 

1. I have only bought a few items this week.  A store in my small town is closing and everything was 50 percent off. However, I only bought things that are currently running out in my house-soap, whiteboard markers, drano. 

2. I wanted a makeup kit that I have had my eye on since February. However, I only bought it because my current blush is running out and I had a coupon that would make the whole kit cheaper than just buying new blush. 

3. I was never frivilous. However, I have become so much more conscientious of where my dollars are going. My next bear to tackle is going to be food expenses and waste. I will keep you posted.