Cleaning schedule (about 15-20 min daily)

After viewing many lists on Pinterest, I came up with my own that works for me. Background on my house: 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath house. Husband and two cats. No kids. Dont regulary clean the downstairs two bedrooms, living room or bath.




Do dishes

Return clutter from kitchen, family room, bedroom to it’s home





Dust the…

Dining table

Bookshelves in living room

End tables in living room

Shelves in husband’s man cave


TV console


Vents in bathroom



Vacuum the…

Kitchen rug

Living room


Husband’s man cave




Sweep then mop the…


Master bath

Half bath

Cat room





Wipe down the…

Bathroom counter

Kitchen sink

Kitchen counters




DAY OFF! Unless going to be gone for weekend




Meal plan for Husband to shop



Clear all trashcans to prepare for Monday trash pickup

Clean All 3 toilets


Do any remaining Laundry




Started May 18. not fun. Took a long time but I think thats because I cant remember the last time I cleaned


May 22. This is working out well! It’s not fun but it’s getting done and that is awesome!


June 6. With school ending, I missed a few days. I simply do the activity assigned for that day and move on. The toilets can be done next week. House is cleaner than it has ever been and I feel a sense of accomplishment so woooohooooo!


A clean bathroom makes everyone happy!

TV and Video streaming

A $49.99 little purple stick has made me super happy. His name is Roku and he makes it so that I can watch Amazon Prime on my living room TV. We had been watching it off the PS4 which is fine but the TV is smaller and the couch isnt as comfy.  So my husband and I went to Best Buy today and came home with Roku. It is FANTASTIC! You do need high speed internet and a modern TV with an HDMI plug in but other than that, you dont need cable! I am watching episodes of Sell This House and 24.  These are older episodes but that is ok!  Added bonus? You can unplug it and take it to ANY OTHER TV IN THE HOUSE! Or on vacation! It seems too good to be true but so far so good! Tiny thought of the day…what invention has made your life better?