No spend challenge for 2 weeks

If you have been on Pinterest or Googled “frugality”, you have probably seen where people completed a “no spend month”. That seems extremely difficult. So I thought to myself what if I could do 2 weeks? We just returned from vacation and I went a little crazy on vacay. I bought many things that were unnecessary.  So this is similar to a “cleanse” for your diet.  I will post here each day my successes and my failures with this two week challenge. I can buy food, gas, medicine or we can spend on entertainment such as golfing or the movies. (I know that I’m doing this differently than most people, but it is a start and I really think that sometimes we are so hard on ourselves because we didn’t do something “perfectly” when we did do it well and that should be celebrated) . This is an aim at not buying more STUFF.  

So here it goes! Share your “tips” at curbing spending!

Day 1: went golfing (only had to pay cart fees) and bought groceries.  Today was easy because I have spent the day unpacking from the trip and doing laundry.  However, as I sat down to watch TV last night, I was overwhelmed by all the commercials and how effective they were. I wanted to buy a new car, two books and go shopping. Yikes! Might have to go TV free for these two weeks!

Day 2 : today was a little tougher. I kept seeing things ( even at home!) that I should buy. I received 5 emails for shopping sales and saw probably 50 commercials while relaxing to watch TV.  I didnt buy anything but I also didnt leave the house. We have become SUCH A ” STUFF” SOCIETY! It is insane…

Day 3: and fail. Ok. This is kind of a fail. I bought a dress on ebay. Here’s why ( maybe if I justify it, it will be better) Since I have been little, our golf course has a “dinner dance” the first Saturday in August.  This year is the 60th anniversary of the course and they are asking us to dress in costume from 60 years ago. I would be happy to borrow something from someone but I am 6’1 and am a larger girl so all of my friend’s clothes dont fit. If it was a normal dinner dance, I would wear a dress I already have. However, this is a VERY special occasion. I also looked at buying it at the end of these two weeks but it has to be shipped from China and may not even be here in time. ( in that case, I will return it) I spent 33.68. I feel terrible about it. However, I am not buying new shoes. And I am very conscious about this purchase. Isnt that the point of this experiment? 5.00 for icecream. If you remeber, this IS in the rules of my no spend challenge.

Day 4: Today I am heading to the grocery store. I am hosting a wine tasting party in 2 days. Unlike the last time I did this, I did ask the guests to bring a dish to pass and a bottle of wine (last time I provided all wine and food which cost me about 150 dollars) However, I am hosting so I need to provide a few cheeses, some crackers and a few wines. I am hoping to spend less than 50.00. However, this fits into my regulations of food or entertainment so even though I dont want to spend money, it is important to note that I am not buying STUFF. That was the whole point of this experiment.  I am happy to say that I only spent 30.00 and discovered ALDI. Great place for discount foods!

Day 5: today’s want was command hooks. I adore hosting get togethers. But I also like my house to look “just so” when people come over. That means cleaning and some changing of decor. I dont usually go buy anything but instead try to spruce up what I have. So today I decided to work on my husband’s man cave. I bought him a jersey for Christmas and it has been hanging in the closet since then becuase I didnt have the “right display stuff”. So of course I chose today to think about hanging the jerseys. I thought that fancy hangers and command hooks would look nice and cheaper than display cases. Then I stopped myself.  WHAT AM I DOING???? Why is it that one purchase almost always leads to another? So I put nails in the wall and called it good. I think it looks pretty good and I had the nails on hand. That got me to thinking….could I go a whole year without buying stuff? I will continue to contemplate this question while pursuing this two week challenge. I am going to lunch with a friend and picking up prescriptions. Remember…these are allowed 😉 I also bought gas for my car. Necessity!

Day 6 wine and cheese tasting party at my house! I have spent the morning cleaning and preparing. I bought all the food for it the other day and the guests are bringing a dish to pass so it is a 0 dollar day! Yaya! 

Day 7

bought steaks and potatoes for dinner

Day 8

tipped waitress when dad bought my lunch. Wanted to buy a book today but held off. I am really seeing the beauty of this challenge and noticing all the excess stuff in my house that just isn’t necessary

Day 9 went to breakfast at an Amish restaurant. Bought donuts for friends. Started looking at the soaps and such. Then remembered this challenge. I bought a loaf of bread (allowed) and that is all.  We are going to dinner with friends. The next time I do this, I may have to make different food guidelines. 

Day 10 went to breakfast with friends. Also had ice cream. I am starting to see that the “food rule” is making this challenge seem easy.  However, I have also noticed that 10 days of not bringing any new junk into the house or my life has been awesome! At this point, I am definitely considering extending the challenge. 

Day 11: spent nothing. Rewrote resume. 

Day 12 spent nothing. Applied for another job

Day 13 had dinner with Grandma and mother. i am really noticing that I have made an effort to be around more people since doing this challenge. I went to the library yesterday, asked a friend to borrow a skirt, and had a very nice dinner with family. Plus, I have not brought any “stuff” into my house which is great. I have probably saved about 100.00. It isnt a lot but I have eaten out A LOT.  And that is ok per my rules. I dont want to get ahead of myself but I may continue the challenge….

Day 14 I did it! And yet last night at midnight, I almost bought pullows and hairspray on QVC home shopping channel! What is wrong with us? Are we so bombarded with consumerism that we cant even think straight any more? All of these products claming to make life better. Maybe they would. It is like gambling…maybe I will win. But I have tons of pillows in this house…and hairspray! I have promised myself that when I run out of these things, I will keep these certain products in mind. Until then, I’m using up what I have. I think I am going to stick with this for another 14 days. I will keep you posted. Good luck to all of you if you try a challenge like this!