I am pasty. My grandmother has had skin cancer many times and I was blessed with her pale English skin. My parents, sister, brother in law, and husband all have a deeper, more olive complexion. So when I went to a friend’s pool the other day, I knew I would wear sunscreen. However, I also wanted a bit of a tan…on my legs at least! It is summer! And so I am 4 days removed from said pool time and I have been bathing in aloe and crying at night. I missed spots and I completely neglected my legs. They are lobster like. So in this brief post I urge you all to remember who you are (pasty kid) and to use sunscreen accordingly. A tan is nice, but not worth the pain and suffering that I am currently enduring.

Baby shower rules-a list you wont find on Pinterest

1. Dont talk to me while she is opening gifts. I understand that she already opened yours but she hasnt opened mine yet…so be quiet and smile.

2. I dont need a full meal. Cake and a beverage is fine.

3. I dont need games.  Guessing which candy bar is in the “poopy diaper”? Really? I have a masters degree.

4. Dont make judgements about the presents that other people bought for the expectant mother. They were gracious and brought gifts. So be quiet and smile.

5. Turn on the air conditioning in your house. When guests have sweat rolling down their faces, then your house is too hot. Putting a lot of people in a room always makes it hotter. 

6. Do smile and try to get along with everyone. Its only a few hours of your life. 

7. Do read all of the names on the cards/ books that people brought you.

8. Dont make the pregnant woman pick up the presents from the floor. Hand them to her.

9. Dont forget the expectant mom also has a mom. Her baby is having a baby. Dont make her do anything.  Just let her enjoy this special and rare time.

10.  Do thank the hostess as you leave. She did her best and soon the new baby will come and people will forget all about the shower. 


I have officially hit one. This is my pattern. I get excited about something new, put effort into it and after a week or two, I’ m like eh? I dont know why I do this. You may think I’m flighty which is definitely not the case. I have been with my husband for 6 years, the same job for 8 years. My summer job as a camp counselor continued for 7 years and I went back to my alma matter to get my Master’s Degree. I have staying power. Maybe I like the chase? Maybe I like the thrill of something new?  However, with writing, working out, a new diet plan, etc… I just dont seem to be able to stay the course and I have no idea why. 

Sometimes I think it may be that I dont see the end result. I cant see the result of writing. I cant see the result of eating better and trying to lose weight. Maybe because there isnt an end result to those things?

I can see the end of every school year. I could see the end of college. I knew that the end of summer camp would happen when I started a full time job. 

Is that the answer? Maybe I need to create an “end” for myself so that I dont get so discouraged and can feel like I accomplished something. I will try this. It couldnt hurt. 

Tiny thought for today…What parts of your life have “staying power” and what parts of your life fizzle out after a little while? 

I didn’t have a picture to go with this post, so I thought this would be ok 🙂

The disappointing strawberry bread.

I am not a great cook. I am trying. However, I am a pretty good baker. Cakes, cookies, breads are easy for me. I add things and make them taste even better than they started out. However, today was a disaster! I saw a recipe for strawberry bread online and since I had all the ingredients (plus 5 lbs of fresh strawberries) I decided to whip up some bread. Well, this is what happened   I have no idea what went wrong. It didnt cook in the middle and I had to scoop a lot of it into another pan because it was still liquidy after 50 min. 

Tiny thought for the day…what are you good at? Do you sometimes fail at it? So why are we so hard on ourselves for failing at trying new things if we even fail sometimes at things we are good at? 

Why you should always take your cell phone to the bathroom

So today I went to lunch with a friend. We are both teachers and have just recently come out of our “summer hiding”. Its an interesting phenomenon among teachers. When that last bell rings and grades are turned in, a lot of us hiberate. We dont have kids so we are free to sleep in, eat when we want, use the restroom when we want, and generally enjoy ourselves.  It takes about a week for us to want to see or talk to other people again. We spend our school days catering to the whims of 150 teenagers. You might think that they arent as needy as younger children but we would beg to differ.  They all want attention no matter what the age. And high schoolers have these really fun attitudes that get thrown on top of the neediness so that makes it even more fun! We love our job but we were ready for a break! So today we met (it has been about a week since the end of school) and we had catching up to do. In the midst of all this, my friend used the restroom. It had been a little while so I jumped on Facebook on my smartphone.  All of the sudden it rang and she was calling me from the bathroom. She was locked in! Both of us had big belly laughs as two employees took the doorknob off the door to get her out. It felt so good to laugh at the absurdity of the whole thing.


Tiny thought for the day

When was the last time you had a big belly laugh? And if it has been a while, then figure out why your life isnt funny. Are you working too hard? Are you stressed out? Maybe all you need is a giant laugh to remeber that things will get better and life is pretty funny sometimes.  

First post

When I started teaching, my cooperating teacher (the person you student teacher under) said to me ” you will never have another “first day of teaching”, you will start new school years but this is your first and only “first day.”

I remember the weight of that comment at the time. This fall I will start my 11th school year as a teacher so we are way past that “first day” but this post is like that first day. Once I publish it, I will never have another “first post.”  The pressure of that is enormous and yet so is the excitement.  As I remember back to that day, I think about all that I have gone through since then and if the same happens with this blog, why should I even start? It is scary. Starting something is exciting and frightening. What if I fail? What if no one reads it? But then this voice in the back of my head says  but what if I do succeed? What if lots of people read it? What if it helps people? What if you never try?

And then I remember why I HAVE to push the publish button. We live ONE TIME.  So as I hit that publish button, I am swallowing all my fear and going after it. Going after life!   Tiny question for all of you today: which of your “firsts” are most memorable?